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About us

Thermo Logistic Services Echt B.V., abbreviated as TLS Echt B.V., was founded in 1992 and has become a leading transport-company over the years, specialized in transport of temperature-controlled products. This means that the transport of goods such as fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, but also pharmaceutical and cosmetic products takes place under strictly protected and controlled conditions regarding temperature and humidity.

For extremely vulnerable and often high-valued transport we use special designed equipment. Our fleet consists of forty high-tech equipped fridge-trailers in which we carry loads every day to customers in the Benelux, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Quality and reliability are our key priorities. Our customers can count on prompt delivery and perfect conditioning of their goods. We stick to our agreements, that’s our motto!

TLS Echt BV keeps up with the very strict requirements as stated in the conditioned transport sector. All together it has led to us being ‘preferred carrier’ for a number of costumers throughout Europe.
Our well-trained drivers know exactly how to handle fragile and high valuable goods. They are well trained for their profession, they are experienced and extremely dedicated. They are aware of the importance of correct and on time delivery and they feel it is their responsibility to fulfill their orders as our clients expect us to.

We are AEO certificated. This abbreviation stands for Authorised Economic Operator. The certificate is issued by customs to companies that operate internationally. An AEO certificate offers companies advantages in international trade. When AEO certified, they are less strictly controlled, for example, in cross-border trade which reduces delays at the borders. To gain the status of Authorised Economic Operator, a company must meet strict safety criteria.

Over TLS

The specialist in the transport of temperature-controlled products, who, however, never lost interest in the conventional transport. We are proud to say that we have acquired the status of preferred carrier with various customers - both big and small companies.

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